La Jolla's
Legendary Couple
Paul Sutton's Music


...Paul and Doris Sutton, age 96 and 97...
Writing Love Songs and Love Poems to Each Other For 71 Years!

2nd Place Winners of La Jolla Playhouse Contest: "Your Life. Our Stage." in 2009

On November 16, 2009,
Anne Heestand of
interviewed Paul and Doris Sutton,
La Jolla's Legendary Couple,
about their Second Place Win in the
La Jolla Playhouse
"Your Life. Our Stage" Contest.
Interview Paul Doris Sutton

Paul Sutton, physicist,
wrote two love songs
to his girl Doris,
while on the USS Wharton,
anchored at Bikini Atoll,
testing atom bombs,
in the summer of 1946,
after World War II.

Paul's romantic love songs capture the
style of music in the 1940's, but were not
published until 2008 - 2009.

Listen to them online and enjoy a romantic
bygone era, when songs were
sweet, tender, & uplifting.

Listen to Paul's song
"Just A Dream Away"

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Special Feature posted October 7, 2008

...written in 1946...

...a romantic song by
Lieut. Paul M. Sutton...

Just A Dream Away

is finally being
arranged and recorded
in 2008...
...62 years later!

In 1946, while in the Navy at the site of the Bikini Bomb Tests, Lt. Paul M. Sutton wrote this love song on the piano in the wardroom of the U.S.S. Wharton (AP-7)... read more...

Below: Special Feature posted October, 2009

Two Love Songs
by Paul M Sutton

CD includes
"Just A Dream Away"

"Just Say Forever"




Listen to Song #2
Just Say Forever

Listen to Paul sing
Just A Dream Away

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Just A Dream Away

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